This note is my professional endorsement for Bill Lee, Information Technology Professional.

My experience working with Bill has been nothing short of pleasant and professional. He has exceptional industry and technical knowledge and a keen understanding of what works for the client.

I initially worked with Bill to launch my client’s website. Bill’s expertise was essential to achieve our goal of tying all of our communication channels together. Bill always followed up in a timely manner, responded with clear and concise answers to questions, and accommodated additional requests for information.

If you are considering web development, implementing a digital communications plan, or adding a strong IT person to your team, I strongly suggest that you reach out to Bill Lee.

Lennea Durant, BA

Media Relations & Promotion

I just finished working with Bill Lee on my website and the finished product was absolutely amazing.He is professional, very accommodating and willing to listen to whatever ideas or thoughts I had throughout the whole process.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to redo their website or create a brand new one.

Kirsten Smith

owner/designer/creator, Coastal Wreaths

Bill helped me to build an incredible website for my new business.  Bill took the time to understand about my business and was full of amazing ideas to build a compelling site that was in line with my vision and my client’s expectations.

Thank you Bill!

Aly Kanji

Owner / Operator, Kanji Consulting Inc.

Many thanks to my friend and former Sussex IT Tech Bill Lee for helping me fix my office printer issues over the phone. Even though he had no reason to help me, he still did because he has a little thing called integrity and class.

I cannot say this enough people–and trust me, as a manager there is no truer words of wisdom: Good Employees Are Hard to Find!!!! If your organization needs an IT Tech, a Web Designer, a Web Analysis Dude or anything else in the field, Bill Lee is a perfect fit with honesty, integrity, class and a sense of humour. I’ll stake my word on it.

Wesley Cragg

Manager, Sussex Insurance

I have been working with Bill Lee for three years and can highly recommend his services as a web designer. He has built our website and I have worked with him in collaboration to build two additional sites for my clients.  He is extremely knowledgeable about search engine optimization strategies and has assisted us with promoting our facebook page in an organic way and boosting our posts so that we have gained more followers.

Bill is a great person to have as part of our IT team, as he continues to help us with our website, our email or a technical problem of any kind. He has also helped us with the integration of new software and new devices such as phone, laptops, and tablets.  If you want a truly “techy” person who can do everything, give Bill a call.  He’s the kind of guy you want to work with, always friendly, on time for appointments and able to explain the most technical situation in plain english!

Clarice Coty

Owner/Operator, Buildinglinks

Bill has been a wonder at helping to get our website on track. He is always willing to answer questions and give the best technical support. He returns phone calls and messages right away and doesn’t stop until your site is the best it can be!

Katrina Cain

Owner / Operator, DTNE

Bill has been a pleasure to work with, and a true professional. It has helped our business tremendously; and would have no problem recommending to him to anyone.

CK McNeil

Owner / Operator, DTNE