Sometimes the challenge with essential grid is that you have to add additional parameters which then bring back the results that you want minus other results.

To do this you simply modify your functions.php by adding the following code:

add_filter(‘essgrid_query_caching’, ‘eg_stop_caching’, 10, 2);
add_filter(‘essgrid_get_posts’, ‘eg_mod_query’, 10, 2);

// turn off caching for your grid
function eg_stop_caching($do_cache, $grid_id) {

if($grid_id == 10) return false;
return true;


function eg_mod_query($query, $grid_id){

if($grid_id == 10){

$query[‘meta_query’] = array( ‘key’ => ‘status’, ‘value’ => array(‘Available’,’Pending’));
$query[‘meta_key’] = ‘status’;
$query[‘meta_compare’] = ‘IN’;


return $query;